Mackie Announces Thrash212 & Thrash215 Speakers

Mackie has announced the release of loudspeakers: Thrash212 & Thrash215

For those that want to plug in, crank it up, and get down to business, Thrash is the loudspeaker for you. With flexible inputs, lightweight and durable construction, and a wall-shaking 1300W of power, Thrash has what it takes to keep up with every gig, rehearsal, rowdy spelling bee, you name it.

  • 1300W ultra-efficient Class-D amplifiers
  • Built-Like-A-Tank to conquer every gig while lightweight for easy loading
  • Dual inputs feature XLR/TRS combo inputs
  • High-performance woofers
  • Titanium compression drivers
  • Standard pole mount
  • Equipped with 4 handles for easy loading
  • Dual-angle monitor wedge for use as a floor monitor
  • Rotatable grille badge
  • Thermal limiter
Mackie Thrash loudspeakers are all about raw power, reliability, and no frills performance without sacrificing sound quality.
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Built on a legacy of legendary loudspeaker design, Thrash is voiced for modern musicians, loud vocals, screaming guitars, and the best nights of your life.
Plug in and play. What more do you need? Thrash has what it takes to keep up with every gig, rehearsal, you name it.
Thash is designed to carry your sound through loud basement shows, garage rehearsals, clubs, parties, and every other type of venue.
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Thrash is the ultimate start to building your own gig-worthy PA system, so throw it in the van and go do this.