Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing Announces Steering Committee

The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing has announced its 2021–2022 Steering Committee. The newly seated Committee consists of a diverse array of music engineers, producers and studio professionals who, building upon the significant legacy established by prior Steering Committees, will work to address key issues confronting music production and promote meaningful solutions to help move the industry forward.

Piper Payne

Leslie Ann Jones

The P&E Wing continues to advocate for excellence and best practices in sound recording, audio technologies and education in the recording arts, along with proper crediting, recognition and rights for music creators overall. The 2021–2022 Steering Committee is co-chaired by renowned recording engineer and producer Leslie Ann Jones (Skywalker Sound) and Nashville-based mastering engineer Piper Payne (returning as Co-Chair from last year's committee), and also includes the following music industry professionals from across the United States: Marcella Araica, Maria Elisa Ayerbe, Jeff Balding, Ivan Barias, Dave Cobb, Gimel "Young Guru" Keaton, Ebonie Smith, and Gebre Waddell. Ex officio members include Recording Academy Chair Tammy Hurt and Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason jr. Additionally, Ayerbe, Cobb, Jones, and Waddell are currently serving as Academy Trustees.

Recording Academy Sr. Managing Director of the Producers & Engineers Wing and Recording Technology Maureen Droney, stated, "Our 2021–2022 Steering Committee is a team whose membership represents a diverse set of perspectives and talents and can speak for a wide cross section of the industry. Picking up where last year's team left off, their duties will include setting the year's agenda and prioritizing the initiatives to address the issues that are important to the P&E Wing's membership nationwide. We will continue to work on the evolution of best practices in archiving and preservation, proper crediting across the industry, new technologies like immersive audio, and more."

For more information about the Academy and its Producers & Engineers Wing, visit recordingacademy.com