Livestream Review: John Craigie

Material: John Craigie is a modern-day folk singer whose music goes way beyond folk. With smooth vocals and a nasally delivery, Craigie takes the audience on a journey through a musical realm that fascinates and charms the senses into a pure, welcomed submission. Lyrically based music tells stories of heartfelt topics that take you places you wouldn’t normally go; to Europe or to the foresty, deserted woods of Northern California; the songs are very short and sweet, but to the point and hit home like a ton of bricks.

Musicianship: Craigie is an excellent guitar player and has a distinctive voice. He delivers with a nasally, almost annoying conveyance that would have some say he was trying to imitate Bob Dylan. The music is beautiful, melodic and appealing to all the senses. He is a rugged, younger looking version of Hugh Jackman, which is soothing to the eyes as well as the ears. Playing harmonica while he plays the guitar, his skill makes it sounds as if Craigie has a rhythm section behind him.

Performance: The setting––The Alberta Rose Theatre––was intimate and quaint, an ideal ambiance for the music. It helps to have four cameramen, a great stage and professional stage hands. The performance went off without a hitch and showcased honest, truthful lyrics like “I was high when we first made love/ I was blinded from the light above/ You sang like a drunken dove through the pouring rain/ Don’t deny what you can’t explain,” you can’t help but think back on your own experiences and say, “Hey, I did that, too!” or “I would love to do that!”

Summary: Craigie has an uncanny ability to sing about YOUR personal experiences; he hits home. He takes you to places you’ve never been before and puts you right smack dab in the middle of history, making you feel as if it’s happening all over again. Whether it be a protest or a beautiful, far-off resort location, his emotional lyrics will mesmerize you; like when he’s singing to his favorite Catholic janitor (slash) sainte. If you love deep, meaningful and expressive lyrics mixed with happy, upbeat acoustic guitar that inspires you to take chances and maybe go somewhere you’ve never been before, listen to John Craigie and you won’t be afraid to dream of places yet to be tapped. His songs will transport you.

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