Livestream Review: Jeffrey Berkley

Material: The voice and guitar stylings of Jeffrey Berkley are so deeply classic that it immediately felt comfortable and welcome despite this being an introduction to his catalog. These songs are songs you want to sing along to, even when you don’t know the words. The lyrics are relatable and clear, with strong formatting in each song. This is a tip-top performer and musician across the board.

Musicianship: Berkley clearly has a deeply rooted talent in guitar playing. Even when his voice cracked or went slightly out of tune, it didn’t at all detract from the performance. Berkley, during this particular performance, was battling bronchitis, which made the lovely vocal even more remarkable. Each guitar chord was clean and in place, clear despite the tricky format. This artist’s voice is soothing, whether speaking or singing. His songs are warm and worth spending time with.

Performance: This artist truly performs like he’s in the room with you. He seems like family, and this is only enhanced by his obvious humility and kindness. Even if you just played his livestream in the background as you went about your evening chores or finished up with work, the professionalism shines through just as if you had set your TV to Live from Daryl’s House or a similar program.

Summary: Do not sleep on Jeffrey Berkley. There are a million performers who want your attention right now while making their living, but Berkley really deserves it. His stream is a moment of solace in difficult times, and that’s really all we can hope for right now. Tune in to one of his performances, you’ll understand.

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