Livestream Review: Gypsy Soul

Material: Like the majority of the world’s musicians of late, duo Gypsy Soul remains in lockdown and has been performing shows from their living room for their fan base, a group amassed over a decades-long, multi-continent careers. Engaging and funny, Cilette Swann and partner Romany Morykit prove to be consummate musical professionals with their commitment to superior musicianship, leaving the bar raised high for livestreamed home performances.

Musicianship: With Swan singing lead and Morykit on backing vocals and guitar, the magical twosome creates a palpable chemistry and demonstrates a level of heightened artistic respect only possible after years of playing together. Show opener and ode to Tom Petty, “Always Been You,” threw the listener into Swann’s trademark vocal command that features incredible lifts and transitions. Gentle lyrics and flowing melody lines followed in “Hardest Good Days.” Morykit rose to the occasion with his unwavering guitar riffs, stunning vocal harmonies and steel guitar playing on the Daniel Lanois cover “Still Water.” The duo’s gorgeous interlacing melody lines returned in “Take Me Away,” with captivating falsetto lines and effortless octave leaps.

Performance: A combination of over 30 years of performance experience and musical prowess, Gypsy Soul’s expansive musical toolbox and undeniable ability to make the most challenging runs appear commonplace left no doubt about their dedication to the craft. Through captivating vocal whisper tones and a poignant lyricism––especially moving in “Sandals in the Snow” and the award-winning “Soul of A Girl”––I was left mesmerized.

Summary: With flawless vocals, beautiful guitar work, and an intense shared passion for their art and their audience, Gypsy Soul delivers an impeccable performance. Their genuine storytelling between songs––a humble sharing of highlights and appreciation for all of their traveling musical adventures thus far––added to a unique and powerful yet understand artistic perfection. An absolute must-see for any seasoned music fan!

Contact: [email protected]

Web: gypsysoul.com

Players: Cilette Swann, lead vocals; Roman Morykit, backing vocals, guitars