Livestream Review: Diana Rein

Material: Diana Rein is a blues artist reminiscent of a young Bonnie Raitt. Her guitar tone is traditional Texas Rockin’ Blues, a la SRV. Her music is traditional blues themes with an extraordinary modern twist. The songs are superbly written. Put all three together and you get a super set that’s fun to listen and sing along to. Songs like “Queen of My Castle” and “Long Road” take you on an original journey. Rein has taken an old and somewhat tired genre, picked it up, dusted it off and put on an exceptional, fresh coat of paint.

Musicianship: Great vocals encompass every song and are accompanied with soulful, expressive guitar work. Every riff of every song is different in its content and the progressions are unique as well. Her sultry voice ensures you weren’t jaded at any moment throughout the performance and the psychedelic imagery added good vibes to an already upbeat ambiance. The tune “The Real Thing” showcases Rein’s voice as she croons about life’s lessons and fills the audience with hope and love.

Performance: Rein loves what she does and it shows. She has fun when she’s in the limelight, and she passes that euphoria on to the audience; who return it back. She has great rapport with them, acknowledging and supporting them as they support her. Always engaging and “into” the music, Rein feels every note she plays. The cover of “All Along the Watchtower” was an all-out jam session where she pulled out all the stops as she jammed on a 10-minute guitar solo. She is very original in her writing and honest in her delivery, which makes her performance super-fun to watch.

Summary: Rein is unique. Using only a looper, a drum machine, her voice and her guitar, this performance was like watching a whole band play. It was engulfing and satisfying from start to finish. Extremely creative was her tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughn. It was beautifully written and superbly played, with lyrics that resonate and trigger memories of the late, great musician. All of her music tells an interesting story. She is extremely melodic in her delivery and you come away feeling rewarded and fulfilled. Her latest release entitled “Queen of My Castle” is available now at the website.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: DianaRein.com

Players: Diana Rein, Guitar/Vocals