Livestream Review: Dan Navarro

Material: With a vast mix of music, including older Lowen & Navarro classics from all 10 studio albums and cover tunes selected by his fans (aka the “Dan Fam”), Dan Navarro has thrown himself into an almost-daily (Sundays off!) 100-show livestream concert series of themed setlists, dubbed The CoronaZone, to see himself through the current quarantine. With all songs having been chosen by request––among them cover songs he had never played before––and with no repeats, Navarro is being kept on his toes and this show proved a veritable smorgasbord of folk and vintage Americana. 

Musicianship: Navarro’s opening cover of “Good Things” by the BoDeans set the tone, with his trademark guitar picking and engaging storytelling. He took time between songs to shed light on his career and gave a window into duo partner Eric Lowen’s (who passed in 2012) brilliant writing, such as in “Dreams I Left Behind,” with its classic line “I made some foolish decisions / and then I made them again.” The varied music and lyrics that inspired Navarro were shared through his interpretations of Bob Dylan’s “Tomorrow Is a Long Time” and the Glen Campbell classic, “Wichita Lineman,” along with Bruce Springsteen’s “Tucson Train” and  The Eagles’ “Take It Easy.”

Performance: With an edgy tone like the bite from a great scotch, Navarro’s comforting vocals feel like home as he shared Lowen & Navarro tunes “Seven Bridges,” “The Grace Notes“ and “Maybe Tomorrow It Will Rain.” Using a 1968 Martin D-18 and a 1997 Martin OM-28VR, he played completely stripped down and live with no mic, pickup, amp or pedals. His humble and engaging delivery showed a true appreciation for all that he has and continues to achieve and receive through his love of music. 

Summary: Recognizing the beauty in imperfection and staying true to his unique journey in the industry, Dan Navarro is the genuine article. With an incomparable writing career established long before he became a performer, it is very apparent that this is an artist who takes nothing for granted and makes no bones about vulnerability when sharing his compelling and authentic artistry. In Navarro’s own words, “welcome to the CoronaZone. Check your infallibility at the door.”

Web: dannavarro.com

Contact: [email protected]