Livestream Review: Catherine Britt

Material: Following the cancellation of her US tour due to the lockdown, Catherine Britt has moved online to a weekly Facebook live show, and in her latest performance, the country singer did not disappoint. With requests from fans that drew from her two-decade career, Britt was open and engaging throughout a 60-minute acoustic show that covered the country music pillars of love, pain, loss and sorrow.

Musicianship: Performing solo with her J200 Blonde Gibson and Bees Neez studio mics running through an Apollo 8 interface, Britt delivered an enticing mixture of gentleness, humor and captivating storytelling. Tender heartbreakers “Sweet Emylou” and “Too Hot To Just Quit,” along with the sassy, raw and relevant storylines of “Lucky Girl” and “Always Never Enough,” gave glimpses into her life’s journey thus far, while demonstrating seemingly effortless vocal command with dramatic slides and melismas.

Performance: Along with eight of her most popular requests, Britt shared highlights from her career and a video of her duet single with Elton John. She also included some tender details of her friendship with him over the years. Receiving over 6,900 online views from Europe, the UK, Australia and the United States, she has a clear following of fans that miss seeing her perform. Despite the fact that it was 5:00 a.m. for her, Britt’s manager even tuned in live from Nashville. Authentic and humble, with genuine ease and a love of performing, Britt was a pleasure to the eyes and ears.

Summary: With a mischievous sense of humor, humility that defies her accolades and artistic achievements, and a pure, honest lyricism, Britt makes for a truly enjoyable evening of entertainment, both musically and in her authentic storytelling. Her endearing southern twang is reminiscent of Loretta Lynn, with a sassier, modern Kelly-Clarkson-meets-the-Dixie-Chicks feel. With nine albums under her belt and a beautiful ability to connect with her audience, Britt is the genuine article and not to be missed by any committed country fan.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: catherinebritt.com

Players: Catherine Britt, vocals and guitar