Live Reviews: Love Ghost

The Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA

Web: loveghost.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Finnegan Bell, lead vocals, guitar; Ryan Stevens, bass, vocals; Daniel Alcala, guitar, vocals; Samson Young, drums, vocals; Cory Batchler, keyboard, vocals

Material: Love Ghost is a mix of different genres all melding very nicely. They are mostly grunge with a lot of metal and hard rock thrown into the mix and then sprinkled with hints of punk, pop and even some rap. The songs are short, sweet and to the point, with a lot of meaningful and heart-felt lyrics driving each song. 

Musicianship: Each player has his own abilities and quirks, and when they come together it makes things pretty grand. Bell has a unique aura that fuels his showmanship, swinging the mic from its cable like a cowboy trying to lasso a calf. It takes a certain type to front a band and he’s it. Stevens is a solid bass player with groovy undertones, while his counterpart, Young, is feeling the reggae; and although they didn’t play reggae at this show, the “feel” was there and that made for some good groovin’. Batchler is an integral part of this group as his background vocals keep things in line. A total team player, his keys are subtle but that’s what makes all the difference.

Performance: This performance was pretty good. Bell has a knack for keeping good rapport with the audience, especially in between songs. He talked to them like they were longtime friends and he kept them entertained. Alcala, who started out a bit nervous at the beginning of the set, lit up the audience with his solo on “Pillz.” He was dancing around most of the evening, playing rhythm, and then busted out a superb solo that had the juiciest chops and that fit the song so perfectly. He did it in style and it was outstanding––all while engaging the audience. And just when you thought he was done, he did it again in “Tribe.” 

Summary: Love Ghost is a very grunge-centric band, with songs like “Cocoon” and “Punxx” taking you back to the Nirvana and Radiohead era, but at the same time, they try to put out a positive message and tackle human issues such as mental health and depression. With tunes like “Pink Car” and “I’ll Be Fine,” they do just that. The band bring awareness to issues that regular people have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. A very commendable feat. Check out Love Ghost for a fun, informative time.