LIVE REVIEWS: Dream Phases

The Paramount  Los Angeles, CA 

Web: dreamphases.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Brandon Graham, vocals, guitar; Keveen Boudouin, guitar, vocals; Shane Graham, drums; Myles Wong, bass; Phil Cobb, keyboard/synthesizer 

Material: Dream Phase is exactly that: Dream-ish. A rollercoaster ride that puts the listener into a series of dreams (tunes), and subjects them to beautiful melodies and harmonies and well written songs that are unpredictable and fun. The music is a bit progressive, but each song is anchored in the mainstream. Rock & roll, country, oldies and pop all find their way into the songs as Brandon Graham belts out each tune with affluent ease. 

Musicianship: All these guys are well-rehearsed players and have their roles down to a tee. Shane Graham led the way with solid drums and never missed a beat. That kept all the songs flowing gracefully with elegant fluidity. Together with Wong, they made up a huge part of what Dream Phase is all about. Kobb and Boudouin were icing on the cake. Cobb, with his subtle and elusive undertones, kept the rhythm section solidly grounded, and Boudouin, with his proficient and confident solos, kept things alive and kicking. 

Performance: Everyone had good stage presence and Brandon Graham is a consummate frontman. Each member of the band was into the music and it showed. You could feel the energy as it flowed out the mains and was absorbed by the audience. The Paramount is an exceptional live-music venue, with state-of-the-art electronic and lighting equipment that totally catapulted Dream Phases and shoved them to the head of the class with superb tones and lighting effects.

Summary: Dream Phases, a progressive rock & roll outfit, put it all out on the line. Tunes like “Fate Came Knocking,” “Living in a Cave” and “Velvet Knife” will keep you on your toes and on the edge of your seat with great rock & roll rhythms and lyrics. “C’mon Now” will showcase Boudouin’s skilled guitar work and make you wish you could play like that. “Post TV,” with its hints of country-ish innuendo, kept things melodic and appealing, while “Tandy,” with its great guitar intro, good harmonies and great dynamics kept the audience grooving all night. Check out Dream Phases, a band that has a little bit of something for everyone.