Live Review: Tim Bernardes

Barnsdall Gallery Theatre  Los Angeles, CA

Contact: Greg Jakubik - Shorefire Media, [email protected]


Players: Tim Bernardes, vocals, guitar, piano

Material: Sharing songs from his latest album, Mil Coisas Invisíveis, São Paulo singer-songwriter and Latin Grammy nominee Tim Bernardes played to a packed room for over 90 minutes for his debut Los Angeles performance. Opening with trademark songs “Nascer, Viver, Morrer” and “Fases,” and continuing on with selections from his new album, along with requests from audience members, Bernardes brought a peaceful, gentle, open demeanor and a mischievous, wry sense of humor that enraptured all in attendance.

Musicianship: Bernardes’ ethereal playing and fantastic vocal range were enhanced by colorful phrasing and haunting melody lines. Between a fabulous use of dynamics, percussive vocal runs and gorgeous lyrical delivery, alongside an impeccable command of each instrument played, his set hit on notes of country, folk and Brazilian pop. His vocals are other-worldly, with a stunning falsetto mastery that teases the title of “Brazilian Freddie Mercury.” Moving from country-flavored ballads to heavy upbeat rhythms with strum slap accents, Bernardes also sprinkled in warm, comforting lower-range vocals to his set to bring contrast to his powerful falsetto passages.

Performance: With a fabulous pairing of guitar, vocal accents and style, the overall effect was absolutely stunning. The room was mesmerized and pin-drop silent for the entirety of the show, trance-led along Bernardes’ sonic Latin journey. Completely at ease on stage, donning bright red socks and interjecting quirky anecdotes between songs, Bernardes’ delivery felt simultaneously invitational and vulnerable, and all in the room were kept palpably awestruck.

Summary: Sharing deeply soothing, well-developed vocals and powerful, artistic phrasing, Bernardes presents a breathtaking display of musicality. Self-described as ‘metaphysical pop,’ his new album release (Mil Coisas Invisiveis) translates to ‘1,000 invisible things,’ which aptly describes the inexplicable unfolding of energy in Bernardes’ music and performance. A perfect show for the educated music enthusiast: absolutely stunning. – Andrea Beenham