Live Review: The Moss

The Troubadour West Hollywood, CA 

Contact: [email protected] 

Web: themossband.com 

Players: Tyke James, vocals, guitar; Addison Sharp, guitar; Brierton Sharp, bass; 

Willie Fowler, drums; Katlyn Numbers, keyboards 

Material: It’s hard to pin down The Moss to one genre and, just to highlight that fact, we’d consider them a blend of hard rock, punk, grunge and pop. It’s the Sex Pistols with a sugary sheen and a rock lean. The music is crunchy and reminiscent of early to mid-‘70s Rolling Stones but with a sharp edge. One of the songs had mild country vibes with solid vocal melodies. The tunes were likeable, and they had the audience swinging, swaying and singing throughout. 

Musicianship: There was nothing fancy going on regarding the musicianship, but everyone had their parts down and the arrangements sounded great. Fowler was solid on the drums, was Brierton Sharp on the bass. Numbers and Addison Sharp were the icing on this particularly tasty cake (keys and guitar, respectively), as James took control and wowed the audience. 

Performance: This is where the band excelled. James is a consummate front man as he danced around, jumped, paraded and pirouetted his way into the hearts of everyone in attendance. A young Jagger, he was all over the place while keeping the rhythm and lead ticking along with the drumbeat. Also very animated was Brierton Sharp on bass and Numbers on keyboards. Vital to the sound, they seemed determined to have a riotous time. 

Summary: Hailing from the state of Hawaii, The Moss is a very serious proposition. The show is superb and the music is hard, heavy and inviting. It caters to the audience, and the fans feel compelled to bounce the energy right back at the band. There was a great lighting show from the Troubadour crew, in support of the visuals and effects as they helped The Moss win over an already won crowd. The Moss is performing all over the U.S. on this tour run: Colorado, Utah, D.C., Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia and Tennessee just to name a few.