Live Review: Skye Delamey at Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood

Material: What Skye Delamey offers is dark and eccentric. Imagine if Dale Bozzio fronted Judas Priest. To start, she is announced by a man in a military uniform. The two prep the stage with props including a chalkboard for her original “Detention” that—with a mischievous smile—she claims is “based on a true story.” She takes the stage in a spiked bra, fishnet sleeveless gloves and stockings and a pleated skirt reminiscent of a school girl’s uniform.

There was a collage of deceased celebrities—Marilyn Monroe and Kurt Cobain—who, in Delamey’s scathing social commentary song, “Francis Farmer,” were depicted as victims of the “industry of death.” In “Untamed Circus,” the title track of her forthcoming album and tour, she explains her love for animals.

Musicianship: Delamey and guitarist Eastly both experience low sound level issues during the set. Although the keytar adds some visual interest, it seems like more trouble than it is worth with tech going back and forth trying to work out the bugs. Whitt seems to be a little too hot at the forefront, but levels out toward the end of the set. Lead guitarist Shikunov is jaw-droppingly good and certainly one to watch, especially on “Untamed Circus.” Ventura offers tight tempo variations as well as a great solo on “Detention.”

Performance: The leading lady is not shy about using props. For “Francis Farmer” (about the tragic film actress) she wielded a giant syringe and threw pills into the audience. Although it was hard to hear her through the muzzle she donned for “Girlfriend Muzzle,” it made for great theatrics.

Delamey didn’t hesitate to give kudos to the venue, introducing her bandmates and promot- ing herself succinctly. There were points when she seemed to need more vocal in her monitor, but removing the mic from the stand rectified the issue. Shikunov, Whitt and Eastly also worked the stage as much as they could within the space limitations.

Summary: The collage of celebrities was unfortunately not used at this particular show. Those details—the props, costuming and cheeky segues—are what make the set more provocative than the average metal show. There is definitely potential to develop these theatrics to set this act apart.

The Players: Skye Delamey, vocals, keytar; Nikolay Shikunov, lead guitar; Jonathan Eastly, rhythm guitar; Lino Ventura, drums; Eric Whitt, bass.

Photo by Gil Nava

Venue: Whisky a Go Go
City: Hollywood, CA
Contact: [email protected]
Web: skyedelamey.com