Salty Greyhound

Live Review: Salty Greyhound at O’Brien’s Pub in Boston, MA

Material: When a band combines disparate elements, it’s invigorating just absorbing what happens. In the case of Salty Greyhound, the result is an eclectic chaos as confounding as it is exhilarating. Employing no fewer than six members, the youthful dream pop sound smiths concoct unique sonic curios that transmogrify from windswept melancholy to punk vortex and back, often within the same song. Lead singer Alex Judd’s unique phrasing recalls the off-kilter perspective of underground heroes Ween, while a twin guitar assault, glowing synths and viola expand their sound in ways alternately effective and inconsequential.

Musicianship: At times, they’re a mess, with full-throttle shouting and anti-conventional approach simply not working. During other moments, their on-point unity uncovers concrete abilities. Irritating feedback plagued a majority of the set, diminishing the impact of their bumper car fun house noise. Added preparation would help alleviate this type of issue.

Performance: Salty Greyhound’s presentation is both random and anarchic; every member owns a distinct look. Judd makes for a compelling frontman, charismatically crooning into the mike and smearing his bandmates (plus a single audience goer) with red paint. Blowing into a tube duct taped to the mike stand added a unique, haunting element to their erratic fever dreams. The sum effect is hypnotic in ways puzzlingly delightful. Smartly, their six-song set concluded with their catchiest tune, “Machine.”

Summary: For a band that has existed for years, Greyhound should have a better grasp of the details. Their clever musical take and evident talent is regretfully obscured by a lack of organization. To be fair, both their size and ambition make this challenge even greater, but that’s only more reason to run a tight ship. Simultaneously, they embody a critical element that can’t be taught––fearlessness. They must harness their energy and radically inclusive attitude so that every moment soars, rather than feeding off the adrenaline of flirting with disaster.

Contact: [email protected]
Players: Meredith Nero, viola; Maria Cuneo, lead vocals, guitar; Kailen Santos, bass; Elise Roche, synth; James Strindberg, drums; Alex Judd, guitar, lead vocals