Live Review: Phoebe Katis

The Hotel Café Hollywood CA 

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Players: Phoebe Katis; Nico Franc; Sophie Holohan; Elizabeth Woolf; Rachel Gonzalez; Dylan Chambers; Theresa Curatolo; Posey LaFluer; Courgette; Rainee Blake; M’Lynn Musgrove; Georgia Parker; Hollie Hammel 

Material: This show was a benefit concert in support of two great charities: One, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention that deals with not only the detrimental aftermath of suicide, but also with mental health issues that affect families and friends with research and education; And two, The Shelter Partnership, a local charity that combats the homeless crisis. 

Musicianship: All the musicians on the list above selflessly donated their time and efforts to these two great causes. It was a night of singer-songwriter music that swept the audience off their feet; one performer after another. Top notch musicianship graced the Hotel Café’s second stage as each musician had two songs to impress and leave their mark on the audience. And they all did! Magnificent play by all; some singing, some playing guitar, some playing keyboards, a group at one point; they all showcased their talent for two worthy causes. 

Performance: There was a buzz in the air that night. The room was packed. The drinks were flowing. The music was great and everyone was having a fanciful time. One performer after another came up and played their best tunes for the audience and the audience ate up every minute of every song. Great camaraderie between the musicians gave everyone the sense that this was a huge family coming together in support of these worthy causes. 

Summary: The following is a list of the performers who played at the Hotel Café this night. If you’re into cool, singer-songwriter tunes that melt your heart and warm your soul, feel free to visit and support all of these great artists! 

Phoebe Katis, @phoebekatis; Nico Franc, @ nicofranc; Sophie Holohan, @sophie.holohan; Elizabeth Woolf, @ewoolf; Rachel Gonzalez, @rachelgonzz; Dylan Chambers, @dylan_ chambers; Therese Curatolo, @reesetea; Posey La Fluer, @pocketfullofposeys; Rainee Blake, @raineeblake; M’Lynn Musgrove, @mlynnsta; Georgia Parker, @itsgeorgiaparker; Hollie Hammel, @holliehammel