Live Review of Young Rising Sons in Los Angeles

The Lodge Room Los Angeles, CA

Contact: [email protected]
Web: youngrisingsons.net
Players: Andy Todgren, vocals, guitar; Max Iontorno, guitar; Julian Dimagiba, bass; Steve Patrick, drums

Material: Young Rising Sons is a rock 'n' roll- infused boy band, singing and playing hard- rockin’ pop tunes to the likes of the Backstreet Boys and 98°. Pop on steroids, these guys have catchy hooks, great musicianship and extremely good background vocal harmonies that keep you intrigued as to what’s to come. The tunes are very likable and they draw you in and make you want to dance and sing along with the band.

Musicianship: The musicianship was very good. The harmonies that Dimagiba, Iontorno and Patrick sing while they are playing is extremely good. It filled the Lodge Room with excellent reverberations that fit each tune perfectly and kept each tune in its own little universe. Todgren has an excellent voice that didn’t quit throughout the show. He has great stage presence (as they all do) and had the audience dancing and grooving all night long.

Performance: The performance was very good. Young Rising Sons were all in sync (see what was done there?) and they came ready to play. They danced, grooved and played with the audience in appreciation for their applause and cheers; Even their ballads were strong and bold as they held the audience nice and tight. The lighting show and smoke effects helped immensely in setting the right mood for each song and the audience acknowledgement was received with gratefulness.

Summary: (Un)Happy Hour, the new album by Young Rising Sons, has dropped and is ready for you to pick up. If you like British and American pop, you’re in luck because Young Rising Sons are both. Their tour continues (as of this writing) into the Pacific Northwest and zig-zagging throughout the country, making their way to the East coast, where it ends on July 12 in East New York. If boy bands, and their take on the pop genre, are your thing, you’re going to love Young Rising Sons with their rock 'n' roll interpretation of the boy band sound.