Live Review: Mik and Maxi, The Whisky a GoGo, West Hollywood, CA

Material: Mik and Maxi’s music is categorized as power pop, but there are so many influences coming off their vibe. Heavy power chords and thunderous beats ripped through the Whiskey’s walls as Mik and Maxi took the stage. The opening tune, “Getaway,” gave off a hefty grunge feel that Kurt Cobain would be proud of. Throughout their set, while all this “power pop” was going on, hints of rock & roll, grunge, country and rap, all came oozing out of the duo. “Bad Idea” was laden with meaty power riffs that screamed defiance, but it still had a good ‘ol country-ish melody that kept things balanced in a very triumphant sort of way. “Silent Chapter” was a pleasant surprise that brought out the creative side of this duo as both took the stage to rap to a backing track to put their show over the top.

Musicianship: In this day and age of pre-recorded music that helps to uplift the musical abilities of artists in a false and untrue manner, Mik and Maxi’s pre-recorded music was instead a catalyst that demonstrated their musical abilities. Being a duo, they didn’t have the capacity to play along live with a bass player, so the next most natural thing to do is to have a pre-recorded track to go along with their songs. It gave the music an added lift that shook The Whiskey. And on top of that, not only are Berthet and Witrak pros at their instruments, they have creativity that paid off in the end with their rap.

Performance: Kudos to these two wonderful performers. It’s not easy playing to pre-recorded tracks, but they pulled it off. They get their musical point across any way they can, and the lyrics to ”Silent Chapter” and “Put Me Down” are a testament to what they are feeling and trying to convey to their audience. These two rap songs brought out the duo’s poetic abilities as they left everything on the stage. They rapped to the audience, to each other, and even the sound guy might have gotten a bit, too.

Summary: Mik and Maxi is an unusual duo. Their attitude is reminiscent of the ‘70s  group, The Runaways, with Joan Jett and Lita Ford. The music is rough, with round edges, and is very in your face, but at the same time, they fill their audience with melodic choruses and lyrics full of inspirational messages. Loaded with energy, Mik and Maxi come at you with all they’ve got and leave no stone unturned.

Web: mikandmaxi.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Mik Berthet, guitar, vocals; Maxi Witrak, drums, vocals