The Lodge Room  Los Angeles, CA

Contact: [email protected]

Web: marcbroussard.com

Players: Marc Broussard, Vocals, Guitar; Gary Usie, Drums; Devin Karrigan, Bass; Jason Parfait, Keys, Saxophone; Bobby Junior, Guitar

Material: Marc Broussard and his band play country music that is infused with rock 'n' roll, jazz, blues, R&B, and reggae. A few of the tunes have all of the above-mentioned elements, some a few, and some just one. Regardless of the infusion, the tunes are good-for-the-soul, uplifting songs that hit you in the heart with soulful, moving lyrics. The music also moves you. Enough to make you want to stand up and dance and sing along to each tune. 

Musicianship: Solid musicianship all around. The rhythm section was superb. Usie and Karrigan grooved all night and could do no wrong. Karrigan’s bass was profound and reverberated throughout the Lodge Room as he had all the ladies’ ooh-ing and ah-ing all night. That left the floor open for Broussard to wail away on the mic. He has a very good voice that is pleasing to the ear and hits all the right notes at just the right the time. Junior laid down some pretty juicy solos on a few of the songs as he and multi-instrumentalist Parfait made the tough soloing job seem effortless. 

Performance: The performance was exceptional. The night was electrifying; the crowd was on; the music was captivating; and Broussard and his crew were sounding amazing.  The Lodge crew had everything dialed in from the beginning and there was no stopping Broussard once the bell went off. He talked to his audience like they were long lost friends getting reacquainted, and then played for them like he was never to see them again. 

Summary: Marc Broussard’s soulful, country-R&B-rock 'n' roll-blues gave off a modern Motown-ish vibe that was out of this world. Touching tunes like “The Wonderer,” “Baton Rouge,” and the ‘Robert Cray meets Jeff Healey-sounding’ “Will Not Let Her Go” will have you dancing, singing and reminiscing about past loves and future promises. “Easy to Love” will take you back to the era where Motown was most prominent while “Wanna Give You My World” will have you lighting up a fattie even if you don’t smoke. A solid 10 out of 10 for Marc Broussard and his crew