Live Review: Little Women, The Musical

The Knitting Factory  North Hollywood, CA

Web: thelittlewomenmusical.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Jenna Lea Rosen, vocals; Sophie Pollono, vocals; Chris Mann, vocals; Terron Brooks, vocals; Ali Ewoldt, vocals; Barbara Carlton Heart, vocals; Payson Lewis, vocals; Kim Huber, vocals; Kayla Stone, vocals; Jater Webb, vocals; Miyuki Miyagi, vocals; Devon Davidson vocals; Dan Redfeld, piano-composer; Valerie Perri, narration 

Material: Little Women, The Musical is just that: A stunningly produced and performed musical based on the classic novel by Louisa May Alcott. The music is typical of musicals, as The Sound of Music comes to mind. The vocals are the focal point as the operatic voicings transformed the Knitting Factory into a Broadway stage fit for musical lovers of all ages. 

Musicianship: The tunes are beautifully sung, with superb voicings. They were accompanied by a beautiful piano played by Redfeld, who, by the way composed the music. The piano, together with the vocals, made an exceptional combination as each of the singers took turns belting out the tunes, and each one better than the next. It was very difficult to say who was the best singer, but Rosen and Pollono stood out as superb. Sultry, passionate and fervent, this group of enthusiastic singers made the whole stage come alive.

Performance: Exceptional. The music was so alive that it took all aspects of the performance and transported it to another level. Doesn’t seem that a group of people just standing on stage in front of a mic could bring the crowd to its feet, but it did. Ewoldt showed great vibrato and Heart was funny in her delivery. Mann had great chemistry with Rosen. Huber stood strong with “Between Earth and Sky.” Brooks had everyone on a rollercoaster ride as Webb, Lewis, Miyagi, Davidson and Stone were passionate in their deliveries. Pollono was exceptional on “A Captive Heart” and Rosen put the finishing touches in an outstanding finish.

Summary: Little Women, The Musical is a must-see. A great family or date night that will leave you feeling invigorated, refreshed and restored. Beautifully narrated by Perri, the music is fantastic and, coupled with exceptional musicianship and beautiful voices, it’s a win/win for everyone. Kudos to Mr. Brian Purcell and 4 Times Entertainment for the production credits on this one; it's sure to be a hit. – Pierce Brochetti