Live Review: grentperez

The Echo   Los Angeles, CA 

Web: instagram.com/grentperez

Contact: [email protected]

Players: grentperez, vocals, guitar; Timi Temple, bass, background vocals; Josh Ehlke, drums 

Material: grentperez delivers a mix of genres put together, so it’s difficult to pin them down to just one. The opening tune, “Confusing Girl,” gives off a rave vibe, but then it quickly escalates to hard rock and then to soft rock on the following three tunes. It’s a rollercoaster ride, but a smooth one; with few surprises. They didn’t need any surprises, though, as the music was exceptionally well written, played and performed.

Musicianship: Outstanding musicianship graced the Echo’s stage this night as grentperez and company did their thing. grentperez is a consummate guitar player and an even better people person. Charismatic and magnetic, he captivated the audience by making his guitar skills and singing look easy. The songs are well written and it really helps immensely when the audience knows every word to every song. Temple and Ehlke worked great together and had the rhythm section rolling along smoothly for the guitarist.

Performance: Great show by all of grentperez’s camp. They joked and laughed and talked with the audience as if they were longtime friends who saw each other every other week. Not only was the band's rapport with the audience terrific, so was their musicianship—and the people loved it. 

Summary: Great outing for grentperez. The sold-out show was a hit from beginning to end, with superb tunes gracing The Echo all night. From rave, to rock & roll, to soft rock, to ballads, and even a couple of acoustic tunes that had the audience singing along and lighting up the club with their flashlights. It was a night of fun, excitement and good music.

– Pierce Brochetti