Live Review: Arielle Silver

The Hotel Café   Hollywood, CA  


Contact: [email protected]

Players: Arielle Silver, vocals, guitar; Shane Alexander, guitar, vocals; Darby Orr, piano, bass, melodica

Material: Arielle Silver is an Americana/blues/country singer-songwriter who is reminiscent in style of John Prine and Eric Anderson. She outdoes them both in the emotional department with creative and inventive tunes that capture your soul and make you want to fly. The songs are “sad” in feeling, yet very uplifting and enriching in context, and leave you feeling refreshed and vibrant.

Musicianship: The musicianship is top quality as Silver and friends enchanted and delighted the audience with every guitar stroke. Alexander played eerie sounds and perfect string plucking was heard ever so subtly. Orr played the piano beautifully and switched off on bass and the three of them were just stunningly superb. They played off each other well and it was just one big happy place. 

Performance: Silver has superb stage presence and is so confident and strong on stage, the audience just eats it up. You can look into Silver's eyes and see the beauty that is her passion and know that her soul is the good place where all of the music-magic happens. She kept things light and airy and threw out a joke or two remembering yester year and how the new songs came to be.

Summary: Arielle Silver is an excellent songwriter and she knows just how to aim and hit the heart right where it counts. “Worth Waiting For,” “Ricky Lee” and “River Dock at Sunset” all hit the emo button as “Miracle” set everything off; in a very good way. All the songs are very touching and warming in one way or another. “Ghost Ships,” a song about paths Not taken is another "make-you-think" tune that invokes life’s questions about life. If you’re into mellow, easy-listening, beautiful tunes that invoke passion and excitement, check out Arielle Silver the next time she’s in town. – Pierce Brochetti