Live Music Society Partners with The House of Songs

 Live Music Society, the non-profit that has provided over $3 million in grant funding to small venues and listening rooms across the United States since 2020, is broadening its mission by partnering with The House of Songs. Founded in 2009, The House Of Songs is a pioneering international music residency that has united artists from over 30 countries to write music together. This new partnership has enabled The House Of Songs to return to East Austin with a new home for artists to live and work in, reestablishing a hub that fosters creativity and connection.  Live Music Society is proud to be able to support artists in their musical endeavors, many of whom go on to perform at small performance venues that are vital incubators of the talent they host.

"Our collaboration with the The House of Songs signifies an exciting new phase for Live Music Society. Having supported small music venues across the U.S. with grants since 2020, we are proud to support a haven where musicians can live together and learn from each other, giving rise to new compositions. These artists are the ones that so often bring their songs to the very stages that we so dearly cherish." — Pete Muller, Founder of Live Music Society

"With deep gratitude to the Live Music Society, we are thrilled to announce our partnership as we embark on a harmonious journey to create a new The House of Songs in Austin. Together, we will amplify the voices of local and international songwriters, ensuring that the melodies of live music remain accessible to all, and in doing so, preserve Austin's musical ecosystem and nurture artistry in creative spaces across the United States." — Troy Campbell, Founder of The House of Songs

The House of Songs is a beloved part of the community, a hub for global artists to reside and collaborate with local musicians. Their mission of bridging cultures and celebrating the pure joy of collaboration has been covered by Associated Press, PBS Newshour and the Wall Street Journal. They operated out of their flagship house in Austin until the pandemic, when they made the decision to focus activity at their Bentonville, Arkansas headquarters.

Now, The House of Songs celebrates their return to Austin, and their 14th Anniversary, at the 04 Center on October 25, 2023. The evening includes a reception, an overview of The House of Songs' trajectory, a Q&A with Founder Troy Campbell and Artistic Director Graham Weber, and a concert featuring their signature program, Player2Player, and residency artists including Scott StricklandSarah DosseyAubrey Hays and Madison Baker. This free event is open to music enthusiasts, art aficionados, and anyone who believes in the power of music to bridge cultures and transcend boundaries.

Live Music Society’s partnership with The House of Songs arrives on the heels of a busy summer.  In June the non-profit debuted their $500,000 Music in Action grant, a brand new program awarded to 17 small performance venues to help venue owners and managers develop and implement creative ideas to engage their communities, expand audiences, and generate new revenue sources. A notable example of the funded venue programming includes The Ivy Room, an LGBTQ safe space based in Albany, CA, which will host a series of events during Pride Month in June ‘24 including live music, comedy shows, activist panels, job fairs, and mental health support workshops. Read more about the Music in Action grant on Billboard.

They quickly followed up with the Toolbox grant in August, totaling $100,000, and distributed to 13 venues to provide small music venues with critical practical support, ensuring the sustained growth and prosperity of these cherished establishments. Notable examples of the funded venue projects include Warehouse in La Crosse, WI, who will be upgrading older audio gear to enhance the concert experience for both artists and audiences, and Skylark Cafe and Club in Seattle, WA, will be offering audio/video support to artists for their marketing and PR efforts, helping them reach a wider audience with multimedia content. The Toolbox grant pushed Live Music Society’s cumulative raised amount past $3 million across four grant cycles, with this year's grants amounting to $600,000. 

Live Music Society also played a pivotal role at the recent National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) '23 conference and gala in Washington, D.C. In addition to leading on-site activations, they hosted an insightful panel exploring the distinctive challenges and successes of small music venues with some of the venue owners that the organization has supported. Live Music Society was honored with the NIVA Community Development Award during The Independent Awards Gala for “creating a program or initiative that improves the music, comedy, theater, and/or performing arts ecosystem in their neighborhood, community, or state.”
About Live Music Society: Live Music Society’s mission is to recognize and protect small venues and listening rooms across the United States so that live music can remain accessible to all.  The nonprofit foundation has distributed over $3 million in grant funding to 143 venues since it was founded in 2020, providing critical financial support to intimate live music venues that nurture emerging musicians, help to sustain the careers of both established and under-recognized music makers, and provide affordable access to live music in traditionally underserved communities.  
About the The House of Songs: Since its founding in 2009, The House of Songs has worked tirelessly to create an environment that encourages collaboration and supports musicians as they hone their craft. From comfortable living quarters, to providing instruments and tools for composing new material, The House of Songs has been designed with the needs of musicians in mind. The organization is committed to building a global community of artists who are in touch with the forefront of entertainment and music. By providing space for musicians from around the world, The House of Songs aims to facilitate cross-cultural exchange and create a network of talented individuals who can support each other as they navigate the music industry.