Live Music Society Grants & Partnerships

Originally established as a form of pandemic relief in 2020, The Live Music Society (LMS) has grown into a nonprofit foundation delivering crucial annual grants to small venues and listening rooms across the United States. To date, the organization has awarded $3 million across four grant cycles, with this year’s grants totaling $600,000 so far. Their Toolbox Grant program aims to address the practical needs of music venues, including regulatory compliance, accessibility enhancements, system upgrades, marketing, audio/video/staging, and revenue stream strategy help, with current Toolbox Grant applications open until October 10.

Partnering with international music residency collaborative House of Songs in Austin, LMS will now also be supporting musicians playing the smaller community venues. A collaborative hub for artists in 30 countries, House of Songs serves to bridge cultures and foster collaboration, with a new location in East Austin hosting a kickoff event on October 25, featuring a reception, a Q&A session with Founder Troy Campbell and Artistic Director Graham Weber, and an artist showcase. More at: