Lindsey Buckingham at the Theatre at Ace Hotel

Lindsey Buckingham played the first show of the West Coast part of his tour Thursday night (12/2) at the Theatre at Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. This show came after a two month break since the East Coast portion ended. Buckingham was a member of Fleetwood Mac around 30 years combined until parting ways with the group in 2018. As a member of Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham was on eight albums, three of which were number one, and seven of those ranging from RIAA Gold to 2x Diamond. Buckingham was also on nearly 40 charting singles with Fleetwood Mac. Buckingham released his first solo album in 1981 and has released six more since. Buckingham released a self-titled album this year marking his first solo release in a decade, however four years ago he released an album with Christine McVie which was originally intended to be a Fleetwood Mac release. Buckingham’s touring band consists of long-time Fleetwood Mac touring keyboardist/guitarist Brett Tuggle, Fleetwood Mac touring guitarist of 25+ years Neale Heywood, Stevie Nicks & Buckingham/McVie drummer Jimmy Paxson, and keyboardist Michael Kiyoka.

Buckingham opened the show with “Not Too Late,” the first track of his 2006 release Under the Skin. By song seven, Buckingham played solo guitar for four songs including his signature Fleetwood Mac songs “Never Going Back Again,” and “Big Love.” I’ve seen Buckingham play “Big Love” in a Theatre with just 200 all the way to 50,000 at Dodger Stadium. Songs 11-14 were all from his latest album which make up the first four tracks on the album. The last four songs before the encore were all Fleetwood Mac hits starting with “Second Hand News,” which really got the audience moving followed by my personal favorite “Tusk,” “I’m So Afraid, '' and the song Fleetwood Mac plays before their encore “Go Your Own Way.” I’ve seen Buckingham solo 3 times and with Fleetwood Mac four or five times. Buckingham always puts on an incredible show and even just him playing solo with a guitar iis amazing.



  1. Not Too Late

  2. In Our Own Time

  3. Soul Drifter

  4. Stars Are Crazy

  5. I Must Go

  6. Doing What I Can

  7. Shut Us Down

  8. Trouble

  9. Never Going Back Again- Fleetwood Mac

  10. Big Love- Fleetwood Mac

  11. Scream- New song

  12. I Don't Mind- New song

  13. On the Wrong Side- New song

  14. Swan Song- New song

  15. Second Hand News- Fleetwood Mac

  16. Tusk- Fleetwood Mac

  17. I'm So Afraid- Fleetwood Mac

  18. Go Your Own Way- Fleetwood Mac


  1. Love Is Here to Stay- Buckingham/McVie

  2. Time- Pozo Seco Singers