New Music Critique: Leather Tramp


With their acoustic whirlwind of violin, mandolin, guitars, brass and assorted percussion, this hi-touch, 10-member outfit’s vibrancy are palpable and infectious, especially when they sing as a group to generate a melodic gust of “we’re-all-in- this-together” energy. Solo vocalists are solid, the male with his deadpan delivery countered by the female’s bright, inspiring tone. Our favorite tune is “Antler Knife,” which has all the band’s strengths––but one key weakness: an unfortunate detour in the last third that spoils the good vibes. We detect a need for a general trimming of all the material to enable the tunes to really hit home. What’s clear is that this populous band is built to impress a live audience.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Booking, Film/TV
Style: Folk/Indie