Latching onto Disclosure


Disclosure kicked off their headlining North American tour at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, opening the night with an oldie, “White Noise.” After the first couple songs, the brother duo, comprising Guy and Howard Lawrence, graciously thanked the audience for coming out to the show and experiencing their first arena show ever with them.



The hour and a half set, consisting of older songs as well as newer ones from their recent Sept. 25 release Caracal, was mostly a continuous performance with seamless transitions—all the songs groovy and melodic. The sea of people in the arena were dancing nonstop the entire time with no one sitting in their chairs.


Guy and Howard had a unique setup on stage. They each stood in their own respective horseshoe table with all their instruments: multiple DJ samplers, drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals—all played live even on a rising platform in the center of the stage. The duo kept things lively with colorful lights and the stage surrounded by screens showcasing artful visuals of dancing silhouettes, abstract patterns and clips from their music videos.



Disclosure didn’t perform alone though. They brought out special guests. The first was a talented singer featured on “Hourglass,” Lion Babe, a vivacious woman with wild curly hair, who strutted and seduced the crowd with her dance moves and stunning voice. At the end of the night, for the encore, Guy and Howard saved the best surprise for last: Sam Smith, who came out to perform the group’s latest single, “Omen,” along with radio hit “Latch.”


Text and photos by Siri Svay

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