LANDR Offers Creators an All Access Pass

With the aim of providing a straightforward system for creating and releasing music, LANDR  has introduced the All Access Pass, its all-encompassing subscription offering that will unlock the entire platform. This comprehensive subscription package provides tools for music production, mastering, distribution, and seamless remote collaboration.

“All Access brings together all parts of the creative workflow that we have been working on for eight years now, providing music makers with everything they need to create, collaborate, master and distribute their music worldwide” explains Pascal Pilon. “Our main goal, as we developed more and more tools to expand on our industry-leading mastering product, was to curate everything an artist would need in a way that would be trivial for them to learn using, while keeping the costs low so that everyone will be able to afford the tools used by professionals to sound great.”

The time dedicated to creating music is an artist's most precious resource, and LANDR aims to boost the value music makers get for time spent, as current industry economics often don't favor creators. In the past, audio creators may have been held back by prescribed music production methods and unnecessarily technical tools and services. Now, the All Access Pass directly connects each step of the process from creation to release.

The LANDR All Access Pass will be available starting at $9.99 for the first 6 months and $14.99 monthly for the rest of the year.

Being an artist, especially an independent one, means making choices that feed into the future. By using technology as an ally rather than an obstacle, LANDR empowers artists by simplifying the process of reaching audiences. The LANDR All Access Pass brings each step of the journey onto one platform, from the DAW to the listener's ears.

What’s included in the LANDR All Access Pass?

Like a dedicated assistant, LANDR can become an intrinsic part of the workflow thanks to All Access Pass. LANDR’s many evolving tools expand the capabilities of a DAW environment and demystify elaborate procedures, letting creators focus on making more and better sounding music.

LANDR Samples: It starts with inspiration

Even the slightest spark can become a source of creativity. The LANDR Samples library offers access to exclusive, royalty-free sample banks with new content being added each week. With over a million samples available, this extensive resource has been carefully categorized into moods, charts, and artist packs, minimizing the time taken to discover sounds. A diverse selection of loops, one-shots, pads, and drums are available from top artists and labels like Apex Audio and Jet Set.

LANDR Mastering: Perfecting sound, instantly

LANDR’s hallmark Synapse AI-powered online mastering engine processes high-quality masters instantly, a serious help for both new creators and seasoned engineers alike. This extensively researched system with over 20 million tracks mastered has become an essential tool for artists and labels in the viral music era, providing precision audio mastering that translates across all listening mediums.

LANDR Distribution: Music, seen and heard

To reach out to listeners from around the world, LANDR Distribution places new releases on Spotify, Apple Music, and over 150 streaming platforms and stores used globally. Tracks are live and available as soon as 2 days after submission. Long-term benefits include keeping 100% of royalties earned, while the track monetization features provide ways to earn on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Additional tools allow analytics monitoring and planning of each release with pre-save campaigns.

LANDR Sessions: Collaboration is key

Streamlined to make collabs as transparent an experience as possible, the LANDR Sessions plugin provides a platform for hosting up to 17 video collaborators in a single session, streaming high-quality audio directly from each participant’s DAW. Auditioning projects for fellow artists, receiving spontaneous input from labels or feedback from clients becomes seamlessly integrated into the DAW environment, allowing unhindered freedom without ever leaving the creative zone.