LANDR Launches Free, Curated Samples to Inspire Creativity and Give Back to the Global Music Community

LANDR has announced the launches of Samples, a cross-genre service built to provide royalty-free samples to music producers. The company partnered with top talent Dirty Projectors, Alan Parsons, Marc Houle, Pan-Pot, Mike & Keys, Jazzfeezy and more to deliver a highly curated set of sample packs exclusively for the LANDR community. Having pioneered A.I. mastering and artist-friendly distribution, the four-year-old company continues to release exclusive creative resources working towards becoming a one-stop-shop for modern producers and musicians.

To thank its creator community of 1.7 million artists, the new sample service will give users free access to this library that will continue to expand with upcoming releases. In addition to the regular release of new packs, LANDR is set to accept sample submissions from its user community in the future. In addition to partnering with additional professional talent, new sample content will be curated from top talent in the LANDR community, helping emerging producers establish new channels of visibility.

“As a musician, you often find yourself stuck creatively. With Samples, you can spark new ideas for tracks by playing with sounds from outside your main genre,” said LANDR’s Creative Director and musician Rory Seydel. “We are giving back to the musicians that have helped make LANDR a success, and providing new possibilities for them to create great music in the future.”

The company has made a significant investment in content to support Samples and reward the growing community of LANDR artists and producers. LANDR also plans to provide support services for musicians creating samples, including educational resources on best practices for creating sample packs, selling loops, one-shots and other sample-based content.

“Samples can be a great source of inspiration when you’re not sure where to start or what else to add. I hope the sounds I’ve contributed can give other musicians a spark of creativity when they need it.” Said Berlin based Techno pioneer, Marc Houle.

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