Kali Audio WS-12 Subwoofer

Kali Audio’s WS-12 companion subwoofer is for their Lone Pine or Independence series of studio monitor speakers but you can use it for any stereo or surround sound system as well. The WS-12, with its 12-inch driver and 1,000 watts of power, is ready to work in any studio, home theatre or even on a live stage.

The WS-12 Subwoofer weighs 63 lbs and measures 19H X 17D X 16W-inches fitting nicely in the center of the width dimension of my mix room; it’s paired up with my Kali IN-8 monitors. I have it placed up against the front wall and it’s good to know that the WS-12 uses a low noise port in the front of the cabinet.

Just as in the whole Kali Audio line, the WS-12 uses DSP controlled by a ten switch DIP-switch; there are helpful diagrams printed directly on the unit’s back panel for quick reference. There are crossover settings for use with Kali monitors, general crossover settings for 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, and 140Hz. The DIP-switch configures: LFE setups, a RCA input jack, polarity flip, and power saving mode.

In my small mix room, it is important to hear all the way down for any problems such as recorded traffic rumble, AC noise or subtle vocal “P” pops. When I’m mixing EDM or other low frequency-centric music genres, I have to hear what the producer and artist intended in the deep bass. The WS-12’s frequency response goes down to 30 Hz and max volume is 123 dB SPL.

The increase in subsonic energy with the WS-12 switched in should be minimal if your mix is tight. I am enjoying using the WS-12 in my mixing and now if the producer wants to hear my mix at club volume levels, it’s there with the bass clean and tight.

Kali Audio’s WS-12 sells for $599 MSRP.