Kali Audio

Kali Audio announces LP-8 8” Studio Monitor

Kali Audio has announced that the LP-8 studio monitors will ship on December 1 in the US and Canada.

The LP-8 is the larger of the two models in their debut Project Lone Pine product line.  Both models feature advanced waveguides, largest in-class magnets and voice coils, and a unique front-firing, low noise port tube. An array of boundary compensation EQ settings, XLR, TRS, and RCA inputs, and Class D power amps all make the monitors easy to use in any setup.

The smaller LP-6, a 6.5-inch studio monitor, has been on the market since September, and has received wide acclaim. Says Barry Rudolph, writing for Music Connection, “A big recommendation for Kali Audio's LP-6 monitors! As a second pair or as a primary pair in budget-minded project rooms, you really cannot go wrong with these!"

The larger model offers increased dynamic range, low-frequency extension, and overall output. It is ideal for listening environments where the speakers will be up to 8 feet away, as well as for content with highly detailed low end. People mixing bass-heavy genres like Hip-hop and EDM will be particularly pleased with the LP-8. It’s also a wonderful choice for film and video production.

The LP-8 is $249, and is available for pre-order now at KaliAudio.com