Joey Sturgis Tones Music Production Bundle Freebie - (archive: 1/29/16)

Enter to Win a Music Production Bundle from Joey Sturgis Tones in This Week’s Friday Freebie!


JST Producer Bundle II (Retail value $249)
The bundle includes seven powerful audio tools for simplifying creation:
• Gain Reduction Deluxe
• JST Clip
• Pixelator
• Sub Destroyer
• Side Widener
• Transify
• Toneforge - Menace

JST Finality Advanced (Retail value $69)
Finality is a limiter designed from the ground up to be both powerful and versatile. Whether your source is very dynamic like drums and vocals, or more flat like distorted rhythm guitars and synth, Finality can be dialed to masterfully control peak and level dynamics in your mix.


Joey Sturgis Tones provides streamlined audio products designed to inspire creativity and help musicians, producers and songwriters to create great music. The company believes that the more effortless music creation becomes, the more thoughtful and innovative the creator can be.

Retail value: $318 ($249 + $69)

Producer Bundle II: joeysturgistones.com/products/producer-bundle-ii
Finality Advanced: joeysturgistones.com/products/finality