JH Audio Introduces Pearl Tri Amp Macro Speaker Management System

 JH Audio, innovator and manufacturer of leading in-ear monitoring products for professional touring artists and audio engineers, announces the availability of its new Pearl™ Tri Amp Micro Speaker Management System, the latest innovation in IEM audio technology. The system includes the brand’s PC-based Pearl Control Software and Pearl Loader program, which offer functions that allow users to precisely control gain, phase, time and equalization of low, mid and high frequencies of an in-ear monitor. The system is available exclusively with a pair of JH Audio’s new Ruby in-ear monitors, which when used together will make it possible to reproduce any frequency response or audio signature.  

In addition to its control benefits, the Pearl system utilizes an actively controlled passive crossover (ACPX), keeping the latency low ― between .60 and .80 milliseconds. This is especially important to live performers, who require a latency of less than five milliseconds. 

“Pearl processing provides unparalleled control to shape and optimize the audio and performance of any in-ear monitor solution,” says Jerry Harvey, owner of JH Audio. “The system’s low-latency benefits are the result of a passive crossover in the IEM, and active control over the low, mid and high speaker circuits, which each have their own amplifier and processing. We sweeten the passive crossover slopes with equalization, which does not increase latency.”