JamHub Bedroom

JamHub Studios offer bands studio quality sound every time they jam, and now JamHub is proud to offer you the chance at a JamHub BedRoom Studio. This unique headphone monitor mixer has room for up to five musicians, 16 preset vocal effects, and all the freedom and portability that has made these studios such a success around the world. $400 MSRP!

When you play in a JamHub studio, you’ll hear better. Each player sets their own unique headphone monitor mix in clean, analog stereo sound, with the freedom to turn up the bass, drop the lead, understand the lyrics, and find the groove. When everyone can adjust their own mix to get exactly what they need, it’s easier to hear, easier to learn, and easier to get lost in the music.

JamHub was founded in 2009 to provide players with a high quality, in-home jamming experience. Inspired by the vitality and drive of garage bands, JamHub Studios were originally invented solely to take noise complaints out of the band equation. But musicians, innovators and tinkerers that they are, quickly put these inexpensive, portable units to work around the world on stage and on tour.