Jamestown Revival at the Fonda Theatre

Folk duo Jamestown Revival played the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, CA Friday night (1/21). Jamestown Revival is Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay both from Magnolia, TX. Their debut album Utah was named Best Singer-Songwriter Album of the Year in 2014 by iTunes. Jamestown Revival has played major festivals including SXSW, Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Austin City Limits. Chance and Clay were just 15 when they started making music together.

Jamestown Revival released their latest album Young Man on January 14th.  The way the stage was set up it felt like sitting at home watching them in your living room. It was just a cool laid back vibe. Chance and Clay were front center with a member of their band on each side and four behind playing with low light and little production other than a backdrop  and some amps. The crowd was very into it. Their setlist consisted of 14 songs starting with “Coyote” and ending with “Prospector’s Blues.”


  1. Coyote

  2. Young Man

  3. Moving Man

  4. Northbound

  5. These Days

  6. One Step Forward

  7. Slow It Down

  8. Way It Was

  9. Old Man Looking Back

  10. Working On Love

  11. California (Cast Iron Soul)

  12. Midnight Hour

  13. Revival

  14. Prospector's Blues