Instrumental Music Needed For TV Shows

Atlanta based music publishing/licensing company with numerous placements on over 170 networks is seeking music immediately for multiple TV shows.


- Suspense/Investigative/Tension music -not too horror movie like

- Ambient / droney tension

- Sparse tracks that are pulsing or have ticking sounds

- Driving tension tracks (still minimal) with a build

- Tracks with weird instrumentation (chimes, glitchy sounds, digeridoo)

- Electronic / Dubby tension MINIMAL

- Tracks that sound mechanical/dissonant/industrial - very off-kilter

- Sparse Tense/suspenseful hip hop

- MINIMAL emotional music - both sad and hopeful. Lots of single note cues work, especially reverse ambient guitar (wahh wahh sounds

- Midtempo and uptempo indie pop, indie rock, folk and electro-pop -optimistic, fun, slightly quirky tracks for travel montages and more light-hearted scenes

- Resolution music - tracks can be emotional, cautiously hopeful, have slow builds

Composers and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered.

Compensation: Exclusive publishing contract; 50/50 split of all licensing revenue collected. A split deal is offered where publisher retains publishing share and writer earns 100% writer's share; 3-year reversion clause.

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