Industry Profile: Robyn Miller

Robyn Miller

Robyn Miller

Robyn Miller may be best known as the creator of the popular 1990s videogame Myst, for which he also wrote the music. Following his most recent project––directing, composing and starring in the fictional documentary The Immortal Augustus Gladstone––Miller says he follows a similar minimalist process in scoring both videogames and film.

“This film is more musical than a typical documentary and there was a very detailed outline that we started with. We had things like musical segments that we needed to collect footage for; it was important to have these breathing places in the film. That’s not typical for a documentary, but I wanted the film to have those. It’s almost more cerebral and a way for me to kind of paint how Augustus sees the world.”

The film, in which Miller stars as the protagonist, is a fictional documentary about a man who claims he is immortal and is followed by a documentary crew that becomes more and more drawn in.

“For a film, scoring becomes very linear, and the music can tell a story, and it can rise and fall and it can come to some sort of climactic ending. It almost sounds like you can imagine something happening. My process for both games and the film is that the music is all centered around the story and the experience that the audience has, or will have. I just felt music should have minimal impact in the film. It should enter then leave. I don’t want the music to be telling the audience too much about what they should feel. It seems false.”

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The VOD release for the film begins April 1. Hear the soundtrack FREE at www.augustusblog.com