Industry Profile: PreSonus Revelator USB Microphone

When COVID hit, almost overnight most of us had to figure out how to reinvent the way we communicate through the internet. Zoom and Skype calls, while important, suddenly took on a whole new level of usage in our everyday lives. The PreSonus Revelator is an affordable, feature-rich USB microphone that addresses this problem and can seriously raise your vocal sound quality, whether it is on your next Podcast, Livestream or Studio recording session or simply your next Zoom call.

After registering the Revelator on the PreSonus website, you are ready to download the PreSonus Universal Control App and optional Studio One Artist DAW software and you’re good to go. The PreSonus Revelator is designed to be able to be used standalone, but also is capable of being integrated into a larger ecosystem of PreSonus products, all of which are designed to offer a level of creative freedom that, until now, was unavailable for many of us. The PreSonus Revelator features onboard Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that facilitates professional quality livestreaming or podcasting without the need for any external audio equipment. The PreSonus Revelator’s onboard DSP means the PreSonus Revelator won’t tax your computer’s overall processing power.

The PreSonus Revelator can be used as a standalone USB Microphone simply by plugging it into a USB port on your computer. It is designed to be operated by just about anyone, whether or not you or they have any pro audio knowledge or experience. The PreSonus Revelator is an audio interface with DSP, as well a Microphone. Because the Revelator is an interface, it can do livestreaming.

The controls on the PreSonus Revelator are simple and straightforward. On the front of the PreSonus Revelator you will find a Preset and Monitor Buttons, a Volume control that also doubles as a Mute button. There is a Headphone output on the bottom of the PreSonus Revelator that makes monitoring the PreSonus Revelator with near zero latency as easy as plugging in your headphones and a USB-C port for connecting the PreSonus Revelator to your computer. You can, via the Preset Button on the microphone, switch between four presets affecting the overall character of the microphone. Up to 16 other presets can be dialed in from the Universal Control App.

All the features and functionality of the PreSonus Revelator expand significantly once you open the PreSonus Universal Control App. When launched, you will see a four-channel mixer that allows for in-depth fine tuning of all of the microphone’s characteristics as well as additional presets and on-board DSP and effects, reverb delay, EQ and more. The Universal Control app features an integrated PreSonus Revelator Fat Channel with High Pass Filter, Noise Gate, three Compressor models, three EQ models and a limiter. You also get vocal effects: Comp Filter, Delay Doubler, Ring Modulator, Vocoder.

With the PreSonus Revelator, “Loopback” or mixing-in up to three additional audio sources with the Universal Control app is quick and easy. The app provides complete control of the Revelator’s signal processing and internal mixer, including routing audio bidirectionally between the Revelator and your computer. Among other things, this enables you to play back your recorded audio content during your podcast or livestream. You can, in the same way, loop back two additional audio sources on your computer––iTunes, Spotify, etc. This is a key feature of the PreSonus Revelator and one that for a lot of podcasters and livestreamers will be a game changer, because up till now you would have needed at least some external equipment that does what the PreSonus Revelator is able to do “all in the box.”

To unlock the PreSonus Revelator’s full potential, you will want to check out PreSonus Sphere. It’s a global cloud-based community of creative professionals that gives you complete access to just about every software product PreSonus makes, for one affordable monthly or annual fee. Joining PreSonus Sphere gets you a comprehensive set of software recording tools, as well as built-in collaboration tools that allow for file sharing with other artists, chats with fellow members and with established artists who are experts with PreSonus products, and exclusive instructional videos, bonus content, and members-only events. Check out the PreSonus website for full details.

The PreSonus Revelator is a bargain at $179 MAP street price and gives you a creative toolbox that goes well beyond the capabilities of simply being a great USB microphone. Both the PreSonus Revelator and PreSonus Sphere are available now.

Find out more at presonus.com