The Gitas - new music critique review

New Music Critique: The Gitas


The power and precision that the Gitas bring to each of their tunes helps you to overlook the average nature of the material. We especially like the raspy intensity in singer Sasha Chemerov’s voice as he leans into his lyrics. The guy simply rips it, and his bandmates are right there with him. While both “Magic” and “Beverly Kills” (which heaps scorn on a diabolical babe) exhibit the band’s metal-riff reflexes, “Femme Fatale” is a change of pace, a piece of melodic alt-pop-rock that’s pretty catchy but ultimately suffers from an under-developed arrangement in the finale. (Maybe a keyboard would flesh this one out?) What all these recordings make clear is that the Gitas must be one helluva live act.

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Seeking: Mgmt, Label, Film/TV
Style: Rock

The Gitas - "Beverly Kills"

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