In This Moment

In This Moment at Riverside Municipal Auditorium in Riverside, CA

Veiled in macabre costumes and theatrical makeup, In This Moment, ripped into the Riverside Municipal Auditorium in Southern California on Wednesday, Oct. 25, and quite literally kicked ass. Loyal hardcore fans from near and far came out in droves to witness the mighty alternative metal band.

The Los Angeles-based rockers have been trekking across North America on the fall leg of their ‘Half God Half Devil’ headlining tour with direct support by Of Mice and Men and show opener, Avatar.

With a captivating stage production set amidst ghostly white smoke, In This Moment inflamed the enthusiastic concert-goers immediately when they took the stage under dramatic lighting. Frontwoman Maria Brink launched into the intense crowd-favorite “Blood,” off the band’s 2012 album of the same name. From the opening chords of “Blood,” In This Moment had the entirety of the audience wrapped around their proverbial metal fingers, holding the audience spellbound with their world-renowned melodramatic theatrics throughout the entire show.

Along with Brink’s backup dancers known as the Blood Girls, the band itself – lead guitarist Chris Howorth, Randy Weitzel on rhythm guitar, bassist Travis Johnson (known as the three axemen), and the newest member to join the ritual, drummer Kent Diimmel, were mesmerizing during their dark and provocative performance. The band’s musicianship coupled with fantastic performance art makes it very apparent that they're passionate about bringing their best to the stage; this passion is what captivates the crowds and keeps their devoted fan base coming back for more.

The charismatic Brinks commanded the stage as only she can. Larger than life, she is a real metal goddess in every sense of the word. Accompanied by their excellent hard rock/heavy metal songs, flowing one to another, the 13-song set was, in turn, a gift to the rock gods, and it's safe to say that the gods were pleased. Brink’s wonderfully dramatic and emotionally inspiring vocals were phenomenal, and she was stunning to look at as she performed her burlesque-like numbers, changing into multiple beguiling outfits.

One of the top hard rock and metal bands on the road today, In This Moment has been touring endlessly in support of their recent release of their sixth studio album Ritual that dropped in July 2017 via Atlantic Records and Roadrunner Records. Produced by longtime friend and collaborator, Kevin Churko (Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch), the new material strikes a balance between melody and aggression fused with varying degrees of metal, hard rock, and even some pop. This continual sonic evolvement proves In This Moment are not afraid to challenge and reimagine existing genres in ways that redefine them, or hybridize different styles.

In This Moment performed several tracks featuring big hooks and heavy sounds from the new LP. Flawlessly executed, the new material translated exceptionally well to a live setting. Cuts such as the bluesy “Oh Lord,” “River of Fire,” “Root,” and “Black Wedding, as well as a darkened re-imagination of Phil Collins’ 1981 single “In The Air Tonight.”

The most significant takeaway from In This Moment’s time on stage was the sheer force of their performance. From beginning to end, the band’s set was fiery and captivating with countless moments of metal intensity eaten up by the Riverside crowd throughout the band’s time on stage. Be sure to check them out on their current 'Half God Half Devil’ headlining tour.

Photos by Joshua Weesner