Imagine Dragons at the Crypto.com Arena

Las Vegas collective Imagine Dragons has an insane amount of hits scattered between their five studio albums. It's even more obvious when you see them live in concert. It was a sing-along affair when the band stopped by the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles on March 12 to perform their catchy rock-pop anthems.

The night started with dramatic visuals of the sci-fi world Imagine Dragons has envisioned through the years. The production of this show was mesmerizing. The entire night we would see cinematic stories being told on the giant screens behind the band -- sucking us in for the night.

Imagine Dragons, consisting of vocalist Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, and drummer Daniel Platzman, kicked off their set with an explosive rendition of “My Life.” Frontman Reynolds is mesmerizing the watch, his power-house vocals and charismatic stage persona are a winning combination. Reynolds made sure every fan felt included. He was not afraid to run up and down the stage, touching fans' hands and singing up-close and personal to them. Through the night, he would take breaks to send messages of love and acceptance. Reynolds, who was raised in the Mormon church, wasn't afraid to be vulnerable with the crowd talking about his childhood and encouraging others to go to therapy.

It also wouldn't be an LA show without a few surprises sprinkled through the night. A shirtless It’s Always Sunny star Rob McElhenney took over frontman duties and gave a fun lip-synced performance of "Follow You." No worries, the real frontman of the band got the last laugh as he also appeared shirtless but this time having dinner with McElhenney's wife, actress Kaitlin Olson. This of course was a re-enactment of the music video, where Olson surprises McElhenney with a private concert of her favorite band Imagine Dragons. For the hit track “Enemy,” Georgia rapper JID performed alongside Imagine Dragons and we were treated to the live debut of their new single "Bones."

The band's mix of big pop hooks, electrifying instrumentations and rock-EDM-infused tracks continuously energized the crowd. They managed to make a venue full of people feel like an intimate show performing nostalgic hits such as “Radioactive,” "It's Time" and "Believer" then some newer tracks off last year's release Mercury - Act 1 including "Wrecked" and "It's Okay."

For more info on Imagine Dragons, imaginedragonsmusic.com.


  1. My Life
  2. Believer
  3. Polaroid / Hopeless Opus
  4. It's Time
  5. Thunder
  6. Amsterdam
  7. Shots
  8. Birds
  9. Follow You
  10. Lonely
  11. Wrecked
  12. Natural
  13. Next to Me
  14. I Bet My Life
  15. Three Little Birds (Bob Marley & The Wailers cover)
  16. One Day
  17. Whatever It Takes
  18. It's Ok
  19. Demons
  20. Enemy (with JID)
  21. Bones (Live Debut)
  22. Radioactive
  23. The Fall
  24. Walking the Wire ("My Life" reprise)