Idles at the Fonda Theatre

British Punk Rockers Idles played three nights at the Fonda Theatre with Gustaf (11/3-11/5) in Hollywood, CA.

Like any good Punk show there was a moshpit. Idles formed in 2009 and ⅗ of their original lineup are still there. Joe Talbot (Lead Vocals), Adam Devonshire (Bass), and Mark Bowen (Lead Guitar/Keys) are founding members while drummer Jon Beavis joined in 2011 and rhythm guitarist Lee Kiernan joined in 2015. Idles has released three albums with the fourth Crawler being released November 12.

Each album has come out back to back years with a break in 2019 all on Partisan. Idles have won awards from Q magazine, Kerrang!, Libera, and the UK Music Video Awards. Their last album Ultra Mono had appearances from David Yow, Warren Ellis, Jammie Cullum, and Jehnny Beth.

There was certainly a lot of movement onstage and in the crowd alike. The 20-song set opened with Colossus,” and included hits “The Beachland Ballroom,” “Never Fight a Man With a Perm,” and “War.” Just in the first few minutes of the show Kiernan stage dived with his guitar. Idles played an 11 minute version of “Love Song,” in which Bowen, wearing a dress, took over lead vocals nearly 4 minutes into the song and stood on the barricade and sang right in front of the audience. “Love Song” also included a medley of Beatles and other love songs like “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” The 2-song encore consisted of “Danny Nedelko,” and “Rottweiler” which Gustaf joined in for. Idles has sold out shows throughout the month and UK and European shows in 2022 nearly all sold out.


  1. Colossus

  2. Car Crash

  3. Mr. Motivator

  4. Grounds

  5. Mother

  6. Anxiety

  7. Heel/Heal

  8. Samaritans

  9. Divide and Conquer

  10. The Beachland Ballroom

  11. Never Fight a Man With a Perm

  12. War

  13. 1049 Gotho

  14. The Wheel

  15. Television

  16. I'm Scum

  17. Reigns

  18. Love Song- including medley of Beatles songs and love songs


19. Danny Nedelko

20. Rottweiler with Gustaf