How to F.O.C.U.S. Your Music Career

There are many nuggets, tidbits and wise sayings that floated around me growing up that I was encouraged to hold on to in life as I grew older, but this industry is unlike any other. It’s a beautiful/horrible monster that will eat you up if you haven’t prepared your mind-body and soul for it. It can also be a wonderful opportunity to freely express your craft to the whole entire world. I’d like to share with you advise if you’re intending to step to this. It can be summed up simply as FOCUS.

F: find yourself and create music that identifies with your true feelings, thoughts, problems, opinions, likes and dislikes. Don’t fall for the “chasing the current hit or look game,” meaning, try to create you, not follow the sound of the current hit or the current look. Be true to what you sing and say, because you shouldn’t have to pretend to be you.

O: only allow kindred spirits in your camp. It’s so easy to be thrown off course trying to appease someone or something that really doesn’t belong in your space. You find yourself forcing whatever or whoever to be there, only to cause you unnecessary trouble. Music consists of vibe and atmosphere; if either one of those are messed up, it’s going to mess you up.

C: care deeply about your presentation and what you give the audience. Remember they DON’T HAVE TO do anything for you, buy your music, buy a ticket to see you, buy your merchandise, listen to you on the radio, watch your videos, NOTHING! Go about this business with the attitude of gratefulness. For an audience to spend their hard-earned money on you in any way is a true and complete blessing and should be viewed as such always.

U: under every hard time, door closed and disappointment, is an opportunity to improve and intensify your grind. Haters are necessary to keep you hungry and humble. Expect things to happen and try to create “ a go to positive response” that will keep the morale up and you moving forward.

S: success is uncomfortable! You got to stay longer than you want to stay, work harder than you want to work, do more than you want to do, give more than you want to give, ahh but when you reach your goals, “HOW SWEET IT IS”! –Dorian Paul


<Minibio>DORIAN PAUL has over three decades of experience in the music industry and a plethora of accolades. The writer, producer, and entertainer has worked alongside some of the greatest entertainers of our time and continues to thrive with numerous hits in the gospel and R&B genres. His forthcoming  single is, “Shake It All Around” from his upcoming album, Cause I Want to-Cause I Can on W.O.W. Entertainment/5th Avenue Entertainment. Dorian will use proceeds from his debut single “Shake It All Around” to assist with rebuilding areas that were devastated by the recent hurricanes. He wishes to continue being an artist who creates great music, delivers electrifying performances, and most importantly, gives from his heart.