Round Hill Synch Rep Deal with BoomBox

Round Hill Music

Round Hill Music has announced a synch rep deal with BoomBox, the electronic duo comprising producers, DJ's, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Russ Randolph and Zion Rock. Together, they develop an electronic blend of vintage rock and blues made to move dance floors all the while incorporating their signature backbeat, psychedelia and funky sounds.

"Boombox is what I like to call an ‘eJam band,’ an electronic jam band," says Round Hill Music's, Jonnie Davis, Sr. VP of A&R and Label Services. "I believe that we can capture their brand of light and illuminate the synch world with a fresh yet retro sound."

Originating in the esteemed musical city of Muscle Shoals, the duo recently released their first new studio album in four years, Filling In The Color, which followed 2010’s, downriverelectric and 2006’s debut record Visions of Backbeat. ​While Filling In The Color draws from many influences in Randolph and Godchaux’s lives, the record ultimately comes from an honest, personal place. “It comes down to a search for a certain sound,” says Godchaux, “a certain feel. It’s something we hear in our heads all the time. Forces from within are the driving, motivating factor in pointing this sound out to people.”

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“Their live shows are completely free and meandering following the pulse of their audience. I’ve never been to one of their shows that wasn’t sold out. Boombox shines among the stars in the eJam space,” adds Davis, Sr. VP, A&R, Label Services at Round Hill Music.

Applying a multi-track platform, the duo are free to create their hybrid style on the fly with a rhythm that opens fans up to Godchaux and Randolph’s overall vision. Derived from the musical history of Muscle Shoals, AL, to the psychedelic rock and underground electronic scenes of the west coast, their approach can only be achieved by the blending of sound and culture. Each live show is unique to the venue and the crowd, who are the driving force of the rhythmic BoomBox experience.

For more information, visit roundhillmusic.com.