Round Hill Music Adds Graveyard Lovers to Roster


Round Hill Music announced a new addition to their roster, Graveyard Lovers. The New York-based four-piece joins the likes of American Authors, Sleepy Kitty, Isaac Delusion and Bloodgroup as one of several up-and-coming bands, which also includes iconic artists and writers and a back catalogue of songs recorded by everyone from The Beatles, to Cee Lo Green, to Frank Sinatra.

"We're all incredibly excited to bring Graveyard Lovers into the Round Hill fold! Zach and Tricia are a gifted songwriting team, and the band is a musical force to be reckoned with--they're a perfect addition to our growing roster of excellent artists and writers," said Round Hill Music's creative director Mallory Zumbach.

The co-publishing agreement with Graveyard Lovers follows the recent addition of their fellow new roster arrivals, Wild Party, who announced their partnership with Round Hill Music earlier in November.

Graveyard Lovers is fronted by boyfriend/girlfriend duo, Zach Reynolds on guitar and vocals and Tricia Purvis on drums, accompanied by bassist Orion Wainer and guitarist Joel Reynolds. The band are fresh off the release of their full length, Dreamers.

With a name to fit the back story - Graveyard Lovers is in fact, a story of lovers. A lifelong musician, Reynolds moved from New Orleans to New York in 2009 pursuing a solo career where he met and began dating Purvis. At the time, Purvis had been taking drum lessons for five years, a passion instigated by her friend Leah Shapiro of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Beyond romantic sparks, Reynolds and Purvis found they shared undeniable musical chemistry that became Graveyard Lovers in late 2010, and they released their first self-titled EP in Nov. 2011. After heavy touring throughout 2012, the garage rock duo began recording their first full-length album at Will Benoit's Radar Studios.

Enter Orion Wainer, veteran touring bass player (Coyote Kolb/Constants) and producer (Will Benoit). Upon hearing the first mixes, Wainer immediately wanted to share the Graveyard Lovers experience, morphing the band into a solid power trio. Zach's brother Joel Reynolds (Junius) has recently joined the band on guitar. In Sept. 2013, the band released their first full-length album, Dreamers.

A mature follow up to the band's first two EPs, Dreamers is a nod to both Purvis and Reynolds's home town musical influences, screaming of the grunge and grit of New York City while oozing with the bluesy spirit of Louisiana.