Gresham Music Group Launches Dynamic African Venture

Gresham Rights Management (PTY) Ltd (GRM), the newest music company in the expanding Gresham Music Group portfolio, has joined forces with SESAC, The Harry Fox Agency, SUISA Digital Licensing and Mint Digital Services to launch an innovative new music rights service in Africa that will assist both African & International songwriters and publishers in direct licensing and collections for copyrights in one of the fastest growing music markets in the world, it was announced today.

In the new venture, GRM will serve as the exclusive representative for both SESAC and The Harry Fox Agency in sub-Saharan Africa with a joint licensing operation with SUISA Digital Licensing, which includes data administration by Mint Digital Services. The new company will enable creators to enjoy faster distributions, lower admin costs and provide African songwriters and publishers access to a broader spectrum of music users across the continent & around the world.

These new benefits combined with synergies among Gresham Music Group’s other entities, such as Gresham Media, one of the largest service providers for background music in Africa, will allow the company’s new partners to reach more listeners in retail, gyms, hotels and restaurants daily. GRM’s vision is to unlock as much value for African and international rights holders as possible, through the convergence of data and technology & establish a new rights management relationship between copyright owners & music users. This dynamic new venture fully encompasses Gresham Music Groups mission to uplift, empower and assist African talent both on the continent and around the globe through innovative partnerships and disruptive new technology that will inevitably put more money in the pockets of African artists, executives and investors.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Gresham Music Group as they open the door to a new form of licensing, administration and collection for our writers and publishers in sub-Sahara Africa,” said Alexander Wolf, President of SESAC International. Vincent Salvade, Member of the Board of SUISA Digital Licensing added that “the company’s expertise along with its authoritative resources will provide our affiliates with second- to-none service in the emerging marketplace. “