Gin Blossoms

Gin Blossoms at Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA

Gin Blossoms played the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA on Dec. 29. This tour commemorates 25 years of their biggest album New Miserable Experience which went 4x platinum. Gin Blossoms also released their 6th studio album Mixed Reality this past June so this tour brought together classics and new material. Now in 2019 Gin Blossoms are celebrating 30 years since their debut album Dusted. From forming in Tempe, AZ in the late 80’s to a five year hiatus (1997-2001) Gin Blossoms has managed to stay ⅘ members of their classic lineup. Gin Blossoms consists of members Robin Wilson (lead vocals/guitar) Jesse Valenzuela (guitar/vocals) Bill Leen (bass), Scott Johnson (guitar) and their newest member Scott Hessel who has been the drummer the past 6 years.

Gin Blossoms played an 18-song set which started with “Lost Horizons,” and ended with Tom Petty’s “Anything That’s Rock N’ Roll.” Their set also included their biggest hits “Found Out About You,” “Hey Jealousy,” and “Follow You Down.” Gin Blossoms sounds as great as ever and Valenzuela’s voice hasn’t changed a bit after 30 years.

GIn Blossoms next set of tour dates starts on Jan. 25 in Kansas City, MO and ends March 9 in Houston, TX with stops in the East Coast, Midwest and south.