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GIK Acoustics Updates Soffits and Gothams


GIK's premium broadband bass trap is getting an updated look! The Soffit Bass Trap has always been a powerhouse of superior deep bass performance. There's no better way to treat a corner than a stack of Soffits, and this will continue to be the case.

Now, we've take their fit & finish one step further with a more modern look. The ends now have a recessed, sunken wood cap in the top. The cap finish is available in the same veneer finishes we've always used (Black, White, Blonde Wood, and Nordic Gray).

The tops can support 25 pounds of weight, enough to hold small speakers, plants, or other decorative knickknacks, or you can stack them up in your corners.

Learn more about Soffits (US)

After a few months, the N23 Gotham is making a triumphant return to the website!

In celebration, GIK will take 15% off Gothams until 5/31/2022! Use code "GOTH15" at checkout.

Many sound diffusers available on the market today are simply random blocks in a series and are not calculated to give TRUE even acoustic diffusion. GIK Acoustics’ Gotham N23 5″ Quadratic Diffuser has a 23-root, calculated quadratic sequence which is machine cut within 120th of an inch. The design and painstaking attention to detail make each diffuser perfect from the 1st to the 100th.

Learn More about the Gothams (US)