GIK Acoustics Portable Isolation Booth Freebie - (archive: 11/11/16)

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The GIK Acoustics PIB (Portable Isolation Booth) sets a new bar for portable isolation booths. Small vocal shields of thin foam are limited in their absorption capabilities. The PIB is made of 2" thick rigid fiberglass which effectively absorbs down to 150Hz, yielding improved clarity.

The size of the PIB (Portable Isolation Booth) makes it more effective than other portable vocal shields because the large surface catches and absorbs more room reflections.

The PIB (Portable Isolation Booth) is versatile and adjustable:

• Unfolded it acts as a vocal booth; and unlike a mic shield, the PIB extends to 6’6” tall x 3’7” wide
• Folded it is a 4’ tall x 3’7” wide isolation screen that can be used around acoustic instruments

The most unique feature of the PIB (Portable Isolation Booth) is its thin wooden face, which has stylish cutouts that improve absorption while providing some diffusion. The wood side is ideal for recording and tracking environments as it will diffuse high frequency content across the room, in turn improving the sonic imaging of your tracking or listening environment.


Founded in Atlanta, GA, in 2004, GIK Acoustics understands the importance of great sound. GIK Acoustics-U.S.A. and GIK Acoustics-Europe (based in Bradford, UK) manufacture and sell bass traps, acoustic panels and diffusors direct to customers around the world. It is clear that GIK Acoustics aims to be the #1 choice in acoustic treatments for recording studios, listening rooms, home theaters, churches, restaurants and live auditoriums. The company offers a large selection of high quality products at affordable prices as well as provides clients with a professional design and support staff to achieve a quality acoustic space.

Retail value: $325