Ghost at the Forum in Inglewood, CA

Ghost, one of today’s most controversial and mysterious metal bands, played the Forum on Nov. 16. Ghost is currently on their A Pale Tour Named Death tour. Last time I saw Ghost was with Papa Emeritus II so it was quite a different show this time with frontman Tobias Forge as Cardinal Copia. The band’s identities were a well-kept secret until a lawsuit against Forge from former Ghost members occurred last year. Ghost has been bringing theatrics back to live performances with their costumes and cathedral style stage.

Ghost had a massive set-list of 26 songs. The show was broken into two sets just like a theatrical production. Since releasing their debut album eight years ago, Ghost has become a 3-time Grammis (Swedish music award) winning band out of five nominations, they've also won a Metal Hammer Golden God award and a Grammy. Four of Ghost’s five studio albums went to number one in their home country of Sweden.

Ghost is the type of the band you can only see live. In a world where people stream concerts and fans can watch online, this is the type of show one can only truly experience in person. In today’s music world bands come and go quickly and longevity isn’t common anymore, but for Ghost they become more popular with each album release, tour and in the U.S. their latest album Prequelle went to #3. With the show’s production, it was fitting that the composition played before the band walked out was Miserere Mei Deus written by Gregorio Allegri over 400 years ago and was known for its use at the Sistine Chapel. Set one consisted of 14 songs starting with “Ashes,” followed by “Rats,” which are the first two songs off their newest album. “Life Eternal” was the last song of set one. Ghost returned for set two with “Spirit,” and ended with “Square Hammer,” and played an encore of “Monstrance Clock.”

Ghost's U.S. tour ends Dec. 15 in Brooklyn, NY at the Barclays Center.