Gear Goggles | Kendrick Lamar's BAND. Rico Nichols, Tony Russell, Rob Gueringer | GRAMMY rehearsal

We went to day one of Kendrick Lamar's GRAMMY rehearsals to check out the band's set up one week before their performance.

These guys are hardworking, humble and super talented. Scope this exclusive behind the scenes footage on Gear Goggles.

The band and crew: 0:28
Tony Russell - Bassist and arranger 2:13
Cedric Crout - Guitar and Bass tech 2:30
Rob Gueringer - Guitarist 4:49
Rico Nichols - Drummer 8:00
Rico plays the "Alright" drum beat 8:46
Marco Zambrano - Drum tech 9:17

Christopher Lee - Monitor engineer Hosted by Elmo Lovano Shot and edited by Josh OPTX Music by Kendrick Lamar